a la mode

Even the insects in Italy are stylish…



Even the shops sell dreams…


Even the crickets poetic…


This one spotted on the wall of Petrarch’s house in the Euganean Hills, just outside Padua.

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4 thoughts on “a la mode

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog. Have gone over many of your past postings and love the tours. Some interesting photos of the gardens. Very nice. It is not what I have here on the shores of Lake Michigan in USA but I will say that the lake is awesome as a part of this garden. I try to us it as a backdrop for many of the pictures. Again, thanks for your postings. Jack

  2. Thanks, Jack – that’s very kind. I enjoyed visiting your blog and getting a sense of the wide open spaces over there. We’ve just had snow too! Keep warm and well, Linda.

  3. Carolyn says:

    That preying mantis has a room with a view!

  4. Irwin says:

    This is really useful, thanks.

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