Making Hay While the Snow Falls


So – the structure I needed a sign to explain to me at Harcourt Arboretum was a hay rack from Slovenia.  The pictures in this post (apart from the information sign) are other examples.


Hayracks are apparently found in about 80% of Slovenia.  As well as kozolec, Slovene names for the hayrack are kazucstog, and toplar. Other food stuffs, such as field maize, are dried on them as well.


Although a practical structure, a hayrack is often artistically designed and handcrafted, a distinctive form of vernacular architecture.


They are also used as places to sit, rest and shelter from the sun; the larger ones venues for summer parties.  Very lovely to think about while it’s so cold here and the days so short.

images-1You can see lots more interesting versions of the Slovenian hay rack here.

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One thought on “Making Hay While the Snow Falls

  1. I just found you through Blotanical. What caught my eye was your interests in botanical gardens, photography and architecture. And where you are located.

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