Christmas Beetles


Today at Mount Annan Botanic Garden, less than an hour south-west of Sydney. At first we thought the tree across from where we were having coffee was covered in orange berries…

I also saw quite a few bull ants – enormous things with great big pincers. Not a good day to be wearing sandals.

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Beetles

  1. Alison Flett says:

    I do love the wonderfully-named Christmas beetles. The insect life of Australia is a great source of joy to me (bull ants aside)!

    • Hello Alison –

      Yes, the insects have been a revelation – both beautiful and disturbing…Check out the spider in my latest post. I like the way they seem to match the plants in their extravagance and adaptations for survival.

      I hope your time at the Gardens is going well. I’m very aware I only have another three weeks so am wanting to pack lots in. I know I’ll miss it terribly – such a wonderful place to respond to. I envy you your six months stint.

      • Alison Flett says:

        Christmas spiders are quite extraordinary too – little spiny things, black yellow and red. My son calls them Pokemon spiders and they DO look a bit like strange manga insects. I’ll have a look at your spider post.

        I’m enjoying the Adelaide botanics immensely – a great source of inspiration. I’ve been slacking a bit in terms of blog posts but still furiously writing garden-inspired poetry. Hope you enjoy your last three weeks!

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