Kangaroo 2




Red, White and Blue by Danie Mellor

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2 thoughts on “Kangaroo 2

  1. Pauline says:

    Hi linda
    Thank you for keeping us updated from down under. Do hope you are enjoying it all. Make the most of the sunshine because it is still snowing here and at zero again! Maybe this year we will get a proper summer? I remember last year having lunch outside in march in the sunshine but then only seeing the sun for another week all year. There will be flooding once the snow goes as the ground is saturated.

    When do you come home? I am off to Milton keynes at the weekend and cat, jan and Nik will be here for Easter but just the weekend. Cat has accepted a redeployment post as a telephone advisor for shelter but it is based in London. She will commute to begin with but then they are planning to move to London! Not sure how they will afford the rent as it is so expensive and anything with a semi decent rent is in a rubbish area. At least the post is promotion and better paid. Nik is 4 tomorrow and starts school in September! I hope they are settled before then. Eleanor is 16 soon, is it the 23rd March? Time flies.

    Lots of love
    Pauline xx

    • Thanks for this, Pauline. The weather sounds awful over there. About as confusing as the autumn here – around 40 degrees up the coast at the weekend. You can see why Australians spend so much time at the beach – too hot for the city. Making the most of my last wee while here.
      Till soon,

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