Mountain Devil


Lambertia formosa, or Honey Flower, is bush tucker. I tasted its sweet refreshing nectar at the weekend on a big hike along the Grand Canyon in the Blue Mountains. Very lovely.

It is pollinated by a variety of small birds, the type called here honey eaters. Its other name, Mountain Devil, is because of the horns on the seed head, which aren’t currently in season.

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2 thoughts on “Mountain Devil

  1. Diana Studer says:

    THAT looks like a protea. Ours is called suikerbossie or sugarbush. And our birds are sunbirds and sugarbirds. Does Lambertia belong to the protea family?

    • Hello Diana –
      How interesting that you have these too. Yes, it is in the Proteacae family – something that Australia and Africa share from the time when they were both Gondwanaland perhaps? That’s what they say about the palms here – drifted across from India when it was also part of the same land mass.

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