What tells a flower to dry to paper

and make a packet for its own seeds?


Why do autumn crocuses, palest mauve,

keep no leaves for leaning on?


Where does the heron’s neck go,

perched so high in the cedar?

IMG_6247Who will hunt down the only member

of the Petrosaviales family?


Is it true only filched canary creepers thrive?

How does a small pink flower dye

dark blue?  Where does it hide its stain?

IMG_6217Which are tougher – roots put down

in a Scottish city or on a Chinese mountain?


What wit chose the paint

to match the moorhens’ beaks?


And why do weekend crowds

infuse the garden with restlessness?


How does a flower grow from stone?


What will happen when there’s more

to save than what remains?  Please explain.

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2 thoughts on “Questionnaire

  1. robin moss says:

    wonderful combination of images and it.Is this going to be style of new collection? Hope so.robin.

  2. Perfect combination of poetry and picture!

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