in invisible ink

on invisible paper

I write

all-seeing poems


…that thing you’re not meant to do: write poems about writing poems.  But this came unbidden yesterday, and I rather like the slightly unhinged quality of mind that comes when you have a cold, so I’m posting it here in the spirit of transparency.

Another reason for disorientation is the awareness that this time last year we were covered in snow up here and I was leaving for my big trip towards the equator and beyond, into the southern hemisphere and the orient.  I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed, how much world I’ve seen in between.  A very different winter so far this year – in all sorts of ways.


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2 thoughts on “Transparency

  1. James says:

    They say
    not to write poems
    about writing poems
    but then They also say
    Show Don’t Tell
    when what They mean is
    No Ideas But In Things
    so what do They know?

  2. robin moss says:

    Heaney was always doing it, WS Graham made a career out of it and the following is from Rachel Boast,s latest great collection:–

    Dropping my favourite pen in the water
    I reach for the boat hook
    to plough the riverbed……
    So if words fail to surface
    I’ll give up the search,
    hum the old tunes….

    from The Garden Path in PILGRIM’S FLOWER

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