I’m Back, and I Come Bearing Purple Death Flowers

I’m in a bit of a blog hiatus myself but meanwhile here’s something amazing I’ve never seen before…The Voodoo Lily. Lx

3 thoughts on “I’m Back, and I Come Bearing Purple Death Flowers

  1. Ellen Phethean says:

    Hi, they have them at Wallington Hall garden in the glasshouse – stinkhorns I think they’re called, they’re also what is referred to in Donne’s poem – get with child a Mandrake root – I believe it’s the same plant x

  2. Robin moss says:

    Was there in greenhouse this afternoon… Must have missed them!!!

  3. Hello there!
    It sounds like a visit to Wallington is called for…However, I think you’ll find these are not the same as Mandrake (Mandragora) – there was one of those at Moorbank. It’s quite a small alpine plant. This one seems to me to be related to the arum lily that grows in our woodlands and the Titan arum that is famously foul-smelling (also known as Corpse Flower) – there’s one in the glasshouse at Durham Botanic Garden. I always thought stinkhorns were mushrooms…

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