I’m Back, and I Come Bearing Purple Death Flowers

I’m in a bit of a blog hiatus myself but meanwhile here’s something amazing I’ve never seen before…The Voodoo Lily. Lx

Rebecca Heisman

I’m baaaaack. My goal is going to be one post a week through the end of the summer. For my first post back from hiatus, I have something special for y’all: giant purple alien flowers that smell like rotting flesh!

While moving my stuff into the house in Walla Walla (yep, no more rural Oregon), I noticed the unmistakable smell of death. Some small animal had clearly crawled into the bushes, died, and was decomposing. We poked around a bit but couldn’t find the culprit so we didn’t think much more about it for the time being.

Not until the next day did we make the connection between the smell and the enormous alien flowers that were blooming in the yard.

DSC_0026 (681x1024)These things are wild. We’d been watching them grow all spring without being sure what they were; they started as tentacle-like spikes sprouting from the ground, then developed the…

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3 thoughts on “I’m Back, and I Come Bearing Purple Death Flowers

  1. Ellen Phethean says:

    Hi, they have them at Wallington Hall garden in the glasshouse – stinkhorns I think they’re called, they’re also what is referred to in Donne’s poem – get with child a Mandrake root – I believe it’s the same plant x

  2. Robin moss says:

    Was there in greenhouse this afternoon… Must have missed them!!!

  3. Hello there!
    It sounds like a visit to Wallington is called for…However, I think you’ll find these are not the same as Mandrake (Mandragora) – there was one of those at Moorbank. It’s quite a small alpine plant. This one seems to me to be related to the arum lily that grows in our woodlands and the Titan arum that is famously foul-smelling (also known as Corpse Flower) – there’s one in the glasshouse at Durham Botanic Garden. I always thought stinkhorns were mushrooms…

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