Tune In


A couple of sound pieces are now available online…

Just back from the lovely Ledbury Poetry Festival, where, as well as hearing some fantastic readings (Sharon Olds, Sujata Bhatt, Anne Micheals, Brenda Hillman, Ali Cobby Eckermann, Maggie Sawkins, Glyn Maxwell and Robert Hass), I took part in two events. One for the Poetry Society was a showcase of this year’s National Poetry Competition winners and I read alongside Josephine Abbott and Elaine Gaston. Ed Doegar asked us about writing ‘winning poems’ and there were questions from the floor.

You can hear a podcast I recorded with Mike Sims last month at the Poetry Society here.


The other event at Ledbury was called Moon & Meadow – with sound recordist Chris Watson. We revisited our 2008 collaboration The Moon & Flowers, as well as creating a new piece from a recent sequence, set closer to home but also charting the cycle of the seasons, called Stone Meadow. The mono recording is rather plain compared with Chris’s audio wizardry where the songs of birds and gentle sounds of weather rippled through the packed Baptist Church on a balmy summer evening. Later we watched a plump pale orange moon rise in the sky above the town.

You can listen to Moon & Meadow here.


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3 thoughts on “Tune In

  1. Fancy a Poetry Fest in Ledbury with all those names! Oh for something with even half those names up here….. I stayed a couple of times with an old friend nr Ledbury when Caitie was a mite. Idyllic village, thatched cottage. Name escapes me now. They were just starting up a Steiner school, hopefully still thriving.
    much love mxx

  2. Really enjoyed listening to your Moon and Flowers and Stonemeadow just now. Thanks for posting them. Wonderful soundscape.

    • Thanks, Mandy – glad you enjoyed it. It was a lovely chance to revisit that work and make something new. Good too to have an opportunity to share a rough version with folk. Hope you’re having a lovely summer. Lx

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