Today’s flurry of snow settling round what few flowers are out in the garden also brings a couple of trailers for my new collection.

You can read an ‘In Conversation’ piece I did with Paris Morel on the Arc website here.  Apparently the cover’s still work-in-progress but you can see the beautiful photo of an Eryngium taken by Karen Melvin in her garden.  Out of shot, I am the one holding the piece of white card behind the plant.

One of the poems from Reading the Flowers (due in the Spring – with a launch reading at Hexham Book Festival) is in the new edition of the Australian Plumwood Mountain Journal, guest edited by Tricia Dearborn.  You can read it – ‘Self Portrait as a Case of Stick Insects’, and another newer poem – ‘Watching the Perseids with Sue’, here.

photo 2

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2 thoughts on “Trailer

  1. Deborahd says:

    Thanks for a sneak preview of your new poems – the temporary cover looks great!

  2. Tricia Dearborn says:

    Linda, Amazing to see the snow round the flowers. Sydney’s just had one of its hottest days this summer — 38 degrees C, just over 100 degrees F. We had gelato for dinner, then went for a walk in the now balmy air. (It’s 10 pm now and still about 30 degrees C.) What’s flowering here now includes frangipani, hibiscus, gardenia … Tricia x

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