Wild Teasel


Dipsacus sylvestris

‘the wild and the manured Teasel – two different species’


there is a fmall Moth about twice the size of the Euonymella, fpeckled with black, which finds its way into this formidable plant, and makes a comfortable and fecure domicilium of its fpinous head

                Flora Londiniensis, Vol II 1796


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2 thoughts on “Wild Teasel

  1. Imogen Forster says:

    Lovely. The ‘long s’ of the old printer’s font, is an ‘s’, rather than ‘f’, though it looks like that. It depended on its position in the word.

  2. Beautywhizz says:

    I love teasel since I discovered it last here in the local park.

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