Summer in Sofia

A day for wandering round the city, getting lost and trying to remember how the Cyrillic alphabet works.


5 thoughts on “Summer in Sofia

  1. ashbydesign says:


    • Hello back, you clever thing! Another very hot day but seem to be getting less lost and understanding more. Lots of hibiscus in bloom around the streets and they seem to be fond of hydrangeas and petunias too. More pictures soon. Much love Lx

  2. risabuzatova says:

    Just out of curiosity, who is the statue of and where is it?

    • Hello there
      The statue’s outside the National Opera House so I’m guessing he must either be a singer or a patron. I’ll try and do a bit of research.

      • risabuzatova says:

        Ah, I know that one. It’s of Александър Стамболийски (Alexander Stamboliski). He was the Bulgarian Prime Minister after WWI.

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