Writing Lichen

There are still a few places left on my Writing Workshop – out in the field and at the Sill – next Saturday 10th August – looking at lichen.  Bring botanical lenses and magnifying glasses!  And cross fingers for fine weather.

Lichen poster 2019 72dpi.jpg

Iain’s photographs are stunning.  They beautifully capture these strange life forms that do so well in Northumberland – a testament to our clean air and fresh elements.  We’ll be moving between the real thing and samples of his images to write our own poems and short pieces in appreciation of lichen.  Even the word itself is mysterious and exciting – whichever way you say it – lichen!

Lichen poster back 2019 72dpi.jpg

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2 thoughts on “Writing Lichen

  1. Chris says:

    I have been making pastel drawings of lichen for several years, mainly from photographs I took of the lichen on rocks near Bigsand in W Scotland. The process is very meditative and helpful for my ME. I have also tried, less successfully!, to write about the lichen and the process of drawing it, so I’d have loved to come to your workshop. Unfortunately, I have visitors from Germany so am thwarted, once again! I hope the weather keep fine for you. Chris x

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